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In the case you cannot find the information you are looking for at our website or if you have questions about the Better Biomass certification system, you can contact Better Biomass Scheme Management, which is part of NEN. One of the NEN staff members will provide you the requested information or will answer your question.


In the case of complaints, the general complaint handling process of NEN applies supplemented by the specific aspects as described in the NEN Scheme management manual.

The general complaint handling process includes the following steps:

  • Analysing complaint to check whether it qualifies as complaint or as customer inquiry.
  • In case of qualification as complaint, sending a confirmation message to the submitter of the complaint.
  • Filing the complaint in the central database of complaints, in which the submitter of complaint will receive a notification.
  • Determining whether the complaint is admissible within the scope of activities as specified in the NEN Scheme management manual (see below).
  • Processing and resolving the complaint by the responsible NEN employee(s), in which it shall be ensured that this employee can act impartially and without conflict of interest. This means that the complaint is processed and resolved by a NEN employee who is no subject to the complaint. In the case complaint relates to Better Biomass scheme management, then the complaint will be processed and resolved by a NEN employee within NEN Scheme Management who has no involvement in Better Biomass scheme management, but is acquainted with scheme management activities.
  • Closing the complaint by providing feedback to the submitter of complaint as well as internally, and where relevant, submitting a proposal for improving internal processes to avoid similar complaints in future.

In addition to the aforementioned general complaint handling process, the following provisions apply to complaints related to schemes managed by NEN including the Better Biomass certification scheme. The NEN scheme manager:

  • Is not obliged to deal with complaints relating to a conduct for which a complaint has already filed and dealt with, which has taken place more than 12 months before the complaint is filed, or against which the complainant could appeal.
  • Confirms in writing the receipt of a complaint, forwards the complaint for treatment to the responsible and competent party for the handling and informs the sender about the above and the duration of processing.
  • Informs the complainant within 4 weeks if the complaint is assessed as inadmissible.
  • Ensures that the handling of the complaint is not carried out by a person who has been involved in the subject to which the complaint relates. A copy of the complaint and the corresponding documents will be sent to the person whose conduct is complained about. If the evaluation of the complaint reveals that essential information is lacking, the complainant will be given the opportunity to provide additional information within a period of six weeks.
  • The complainant will be informed in writing and in a reasoned statement about the findings of the investigation into the complaint, the judgement on it and of any conclusions. The notification will specify the time limit within which the complainant can submit an application.

The submitter of the complaint has the possibility to appeal against the resolution of complaint.

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