Better Biomass membership

Better Biomass membership is a unique opportunity to become part of a network of companies that are involved in sustainable biomass. Members take advantage of first-hand information, informative meetings and networking opportunities with other members. Membership is compulsory for organizations that start a certification audit to obtain the Better Biomass certificate. The membership fee depends on the size of the organization as listed in the tariff chart.

First-hand information

The Better Biomass certification system is regularly updated to adopt unambiguous interpretation and new developments in terms of legislation, regulation, standardisation and state-of-the-art technology. Members are actively kept up-to-date with first-hand information and may share their views to further improve the certification system.


Informative meetings for members with a focus on knowledge building, sharing experiences and ideas, and networking with other members are organised. These meetings are very valuable for companies that are in different stages of the certification process, including those who need practical advice for starting up their certification process and certified companies that want to improve their bio-based business. Companies that are involved in sustainability and sustainability certification in another way are invited to become a member as well.

Becoming a Better Biomass member?

Interested parties who would like to become a member or organizations that wish to qualify for the Better Biomass certifcate can indicate their interest by completing the Better Biomass membership agreement. The completed form can be sent to